We are not waiting anymore! I will be documenting a full studio setup on a new laptop with JACK, FFADO and a Presonus Firepod in the coming updates. It will likely be on Ubuntu 9.10 but 64 studio is also being considered.

FFADO is at its sixth beta release and everyone with an eye on a new firewire interface is getting pretty antsy. These drivers are a big deal because they will support many more firewire devices than their predecessor FreeBob.

If you are too impatient to wait for FFADO to make an official release then you may not have enough patience to actually compile the most recent beta :) But if you think you have the stomach for it, here's a list of things you should do first:

Before installing FFADO beta6

1. Check out the FFADO Trac page. You may submit a bug report here in the near future. Two pages of note are the Active Tickets and Frequently Answered Questions. See if any active tickets have any info about devices or software that you are using.
2. Check the FFADO device support list. If you own an interface that's status on the list is "Unknown" or "Reported to Work" then your testing would be valuable. If you own a device that isn't on the list yet, give it a shot.
3. Have a system that is set up for recording using a realtime kernel and proper firewire permissions. The Ubuntu Studio Preparation covers all of the requirements and should be at least informative to someone who is not using Debian-based distro. 4. If you have a solid recording setup on your computer, don't go screwing it up; use a different computer or different OS on the same box.

Waiting for FFADO

Still interested? Let's proceed.

Read and comprehend this page and download libffado at the bottom.
Choose an appropriate install walkthrough. Compiling the libffado SVN source is not recommended, although you will be compiling the JACK SVN source. Follow the Ubuntu instructions (which have some useful comments at the bottom), Arch instructions, or deduce from either one what you need to do for your particular system. You can also use Peiter's Fast Compilation Guide which is non-distro-specific and includes information on testing the install with JACK via the command line. Note that you need to install libffado first and then JACK.

As always the Ubuntu Forums are a great place to get help and advice, and there is a fair amount of activity there concerning FFADO. I haven't had a chance to compile FFADO yet myself, but I have a Hardy install that's just sitting around slacking off right now...

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