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Driver Makers




Other Linux Audio Websites


Linux Audio Users Guide

Linux Audio Users Portal

Linux Audio Users Mailing List

Linux Musicians Forum

Linux Distributions for Multimedia


Ubuntu Studio



Hardware Resources

Scripting Audio Sessions (connections, apps, etc.)

M-Audio FireWire Solo Setup in Ubuntu

Presonus Firepod Setup in Ubuntu

- Setup HOWTO and miscellaneous troubleshooting.


- Headphones frequency response graphs and comparisons. Very enlightening.

Studio Monitor Tests

Software Resources

Ubuntu Studio Preparation

- Everything from installing "must have" packages, setting up pci, usb, firewire, installing the real time kernel and more.

Tuning Your FireWire Latency - Ubuntu Studio

JACK Quick Start Guide (Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04)


- VST helper software. Written by Torben Hohn and Paul Davis (of JACK)


- Use your prized VST plugins with your Linux studio.

Linux VST Compatibility

- A listing of VSTs that work in Linux using WineASIO and dssi-vst.

Free Audio Plugin Database

- Mostly VST plugins.

Fruity Loops Studio 9 in Wine

- How To

Calf Audio Plugin Library

- Cool plugin suite that comes as LADSPA, DSSI or a standalone gui.


- Pretty LV2 plugin suites.

Invada LV2 plugins

LV2 Audio Plugin Standard

- Likely to replace LADSPA plugins in the future, this standard promises greater flexibility and visual control of the plugins for their developers.


- Industrial Grade Digital Synthesizer for Linux

Yellow Tools - Independence Free 2.0

- 2GB sound library and VST sample player that works with WineASIO and dssi-vst!

Learjeff's Soundfonts

- Fender Rhodes soundfonts.

Greg Sullivan's Electric Pianos

- Three electric piano .gig files.

The Freesound Project

Fun Stuff

Foam Plate Speaker

- Has anyone tried this? It looks like a fun project.

The Wonderful World of Linux 2.6

- A recent history of the Linux Kernel.

Linux and Music

- A dated Sound on Sound article, but a nice piece of history!